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Timberland Management

Timberland Management

We have personnel with the skills to implement your plan. Our foresters are licensed in each state we operate, and we have certified wildlife professionals and geographic information system specialists on staff. Our administrative team includes a certified public accountant, and we can provide full financial statements and interface data with your systems.

We have expertise in forest growth and harvest scheduling models. For larger properties, these tools can help optimize management and assure that the forest will meet your goals over time.

Timber Marketing

Timberland Marketing

Selling timber from your woodlot can be a primary source of revenue.

We have the staff and experience to navigate complex markets and get the highest return for your harvested timber.

Wildlife and Recreation Management

Recreation and Wildlife Management

Managing recreation and wildlife is important for many timberland owners. We help our clients achieve all their habitat management goals. Our staff professionals have experience managing game species for recreation as well as habitat for nongame species and biodiversity.

Forest Certification

Forest Certification

Forests can be certified by third parties. Major certification systems in the US include the Forest Stewardship Council®, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® and the American Tree Farm System®.

We are familiar with all these systems and have guided our clients through the certification process. If forest certification is in your future, we can help.

GIS Services

GIS Services

We have the personnel and skills to manage your information as well as your timberland.

Geographic information can be an important part of planning and management. We can help with everything from simple maps to complex analysis and modeling.